Marsh Hill Nursery School

Governing Body

We have a very active and supportive Governing Body. Governors frequently visit the school to meet parents and children. Governors work in partnership with the school community to give the children the best possible start in their school life.

The Governing Body support the leadership team in many aspects of Nursery School life and have responsibility for maintaining standards and for developing the future strategy for the nursery.

The Governing Body have a strong passion for the Nursery School and promote our values and ethos.

They continually:

  • Help to raise standards and performance by supporting the work of the Headteacher and staff.
  • Take an active part in decision making.
  • Deal with financial issues.
  • Make decisions on policies and School Development Plan (SDP).
  • Contribute to all health and safety matters including safety matters including premises.
  • Monitor safeguarding.
  • Monitor the progress of children with additional needs.
  • Assist with staff appointments.
  • Join in training days where relevant.

Our Governing Body consists of community members, parents and staff members. They are always willing to talk with and listen to parents, teachers and children. If you wish to get in touch please do so via the School Office.

Marsh Hill Nursery School
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